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As a performer, director and teacher I've been very fortunate to affect many people in a positive way.  Below are some of my Best of's..



"- hilarious improviser Ken Hall"


"A zany comedy hour, the duo had every member in fits of laughter throughout. You will find yourself savouring the delicious moments they serve up as a guilty pleasure." - ALLTHEFESTIVALS, Edinburgh Comedy Festival


"If David Lynch married Mr. Bean, their love child would look a lot like 2-Man No-Show" - CBC - ****
"A bold approach to comedy that runs the gamut of style and content keeping the audiences fed with hilarious and surprising little treats throughout." - Julianne Snepsts, Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival



"I feel extremely privileged to have been taught by Ken Hall. He is encouraging, knowledgeable, and his positivity fills a room. Ken has a knack for spotting what a student or group is struggling with, and finding just the way to help them turn their weakness into a strength. His passion for teaching and improv is genuine and refreshing, and I would recommend him whole-heartedly to anyone".

- Shannah W.


"Ken is able to inspire a room of improvisers at all levels of skill."  
- Nicole D.


His skill as a teacher seemed to come as naturally as his skill as an improviser. He teaches in a way that helps the student’s learn, but still ensures that they’re having fun.  If you mention Ken’s name in the Improv community, you’ll immediately be met with a smile and a fun story. He’s universally loved and respected as an improviser, a teacher, and a person."

- Michael M.


"When I see any workshop offered by Ken Hall I clear my schedule and
book into it.”  
- Matthew K

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